You might not even think about how advanced cosmetic dentistry has become in the past decade or two, but it really is amazing how many treatments we have available today. Just the difference in orthodontics in the past twenty years is amazing. Dr. James Schmidt & Associates is happy to provide modern cosmetic dentistry at our dental office in St. Louis. Discover the benefits of modern cosmetic dentistry in St. Louis.

Modern Dentistry Has Increased Confidence

One of the top benefits of modern cosmetic dentistry is that patients are experiencing an increase in confidence. With so many treatments available, we can correct almost any dental problem that is entirely aesthetic. This is great because our patient’s confidence means everything to us. Proudly show off your smile with modern cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry is Affordable

With more and more cosmetic dentistry treatments becoming available, the cost of cosmetic dentistry has gone down. For example, Invisalign was quite expensive when it first came out, now there are dozens of competitor products and they come out to cost about the same as traditional braces. In some cases, clear aligners cost less. Other affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening and dental bonding. The only treatment you will really pay a lot for is porcelain veneers.

Patients Have Easier Access to Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, not too many dentists practiced cosmetic dentistry. Today, you can expect almost every dentist you visit to offer some sort of cosmetic dentistry treatment. In most cases, general dentists will have gone through the extra training to be a cosmetic dentist in order to grow their business. The easier access to cosmetic dentistry benefits you because it makes finding a dentist much easier and it drives the cost down.

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Has Shorter Procedure Times

Thanks to modern technology, we can cut down the time for each procedure. In the past, it would take years to straighten your teeth. Now we can straighten them in as little as six months with the right product. If you don’t want to sit in our office for a teeth whitening treatment, you can take a kit home to complete on your own time. Modern cosmetic dentistry has made getting procedures done a breeze that you don’t have to worry about.

Less Pain, More Comfort, Better Results

The last and most important benefits of cosmetic dentistry are less pain, more comfort, and better results. Since our procedures have advanced so much, we are able to give you your procedures with minimal pain and extra comfort. You don’t have to worry about any of your procedures or treatments being painful. In addition, you can expect much better results than what you would have gotten years ago from a cosmetic dentist.

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