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Patients of James Schmidt, DDS in St. Louis, MO know that they enjoy a full range of dental treatments whenever they visit our dental office. Whether they need only a general dentist or a skilled restorative, cosmetic or specialized provider, Dr. Schmidt and the team provide it here in our dentist office.

We can provide patients with such a range of treatments because we have some of the most advanced technologies and skills.

By being able to visit our office and enjoy access to such advanced technologies, you are sure to obtain the best level of oral healthcare possible. Whether it is just a checkup and cleaning or a new crown and filling, we have technologies that make treatment both painless and quick.

Intraoral Camera

Do you remember how large cell phones and computers used to be? Technology has just continually shrunk in size over the decades and this applies to dental technology, too. In our office, we use some of the latest imagery solutions, including the miniscule intraoral camera gear ideal for checkups and more advanced treatments.

They are the size of a pencil but are fitted with high powered lenses capable of streaming ultra-clear videos to the screens in the treatment rooms. Our dental team can use the intraoral camera to zoom in on tiny and difficult to see areas of your mouth. This lets them better diagnose even the earliest signs of gum disease or tooth decay. It can also allow a hygienist to show you areas of your teeth and gums that are being missed as you brush and floss – ensuring you can improve your oral hygiene and eliminate the risk of further trouble.

Digital X-Ray

Dental x-rays used to be cumbersome and awkward procedures that left most patients frustrated and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the days of enormous bite wings that had to be clenched at impossible angles inside of the mouth are gone, and have been replaced by digital x-ray technologies.

Using a small sensor that is positioned inside of a patient’s mouth, and turned gently to capture the images needed, digital x-ray systems are a wonderful advancement. They project their images directly on the displays in the office – cutting out the need to develop and/or re-shoot images.

Of course, many people are thrilled by digital technologies of this kind because they reduce radiation exposure by roughly 90%. So, not only is it unlikely that you’ll need to repeat shots, but the risks of radiation exposure are almost eliminated and the superiority of the digital x-rays makes them a greater diagnostic tool than ever.


Have you ever received a dental crown? If so, you know that it is a process that involved two visits to the dentist. First, you visited for the full preparation of the tooth and a temporary crown to be placed. The visit also included some molds of your teeth and then you had to wait up to two weeks for the lab to make the permanent crown.

This time-consuming and often inaccurate method is now a thing of the past thanks to CEREC technologies. Also, called “same day” crowns, we use this amazing technology in our office and allow our patients to have their dental work done, special mapping of the mouth to be accomplished, and a three-dimensional rendering of the crown to be completed in the same visit. We can even have your crowns ready and waiting for you before the doctor begins your treatment!

Why wait weeks for a new crown to be put safely over your tooth? With CEREC technology, we can address a long list of dental issues and have that perfect, natural-looking crown in place when you leave.

STA Unit

One of the greatest sources of dental anxiety is the needle. Few people can tolerate the idea of such treatments, yet it is the one way to ensure you feel almost no pain or discomfort during even complex dental work. Fortunately, our patients can now be free of even the slightest “pinch” or sting of a needle thanks to the STA Unit technologies in our office.

Once known as the WAND STA or the Wand, this amazing device uses computer technology to administer anesthetic to a single tooth, and without any pain. Ensuring that our dentist delivers the injection in the most precise and targeted manner, the STA Unit even ensures that numbing doesn’t last for an extended period in the hours after treatment. If you suffer from dental anxiety due to the fear or needles and injections, then you will want to learn more about the painlessness of the STA Unit options available.

Experience State of the Art Dental Technology at Our Office

Now that you are aware of the many technologies we have in our dental office, you can get in touch and book a visit by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our contact page.

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  • I cannot express my gratitude for your contribution in changing my life. I have been unable to wear my dentures for many years. This caused serious adjustments in my eating habit, my physical appearance, and my self confidence. People made fun of me making faces when chewing the limited food I ate. I had given up simple things like steak, corn on the cob, salads, nuts and most of all, smiles. This may seem trivial to you, but this Christmas I plan on purchasing many pounds of mixed nuts. Every time I eat them I will give a silent thanks to you for helping make it possible to eat them. It has been about 10 years since I have been able to enjoy such simple things. People tell me I look 10 years younger and have a great smile. Your contribution may have been just another day at work for you. But an uplifting life change for me. Appreciation doesn’t describe how much this means to me. Thank you and may you be blessed as I have been.
    Ernie Copeland
  • Thirty three years ago I had crowns installed on several of my front teeth, for cosmetic reasons. This year I realized it was time for a change , I went to Dr. Schmidt for a consultation this spring, and today I cannot stop smiling. Dr. Schmidt replaced the existing crowns , added 4 existing crowns on top, and eight veneers on the bottom teeth. It took 4 painless procedures to give me the confidence to smile again.
  • I felt that my comfort and concerns were the most important issue at hand! Your entire office made me feel important instead of the other way around. Thank you. I have always feared the dentist and also have an irrational fear of loosing all my teeth like my parents. To all of you, thanks, for making me feel important today. Your professional and comforting office deserves to be commended.
    Robert D.
  • Thank you for all of the work that you performed through the Donated Dental Services Program. Thank you for your continued Donated Dental Work. I greatly appreciate what you have done as well as what you have continued to do.

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