While there are plenty of things people skip in their life like breakfast, their morning workout, or calling back their mom, one of the top things that adults skip out on is actually visiting their dentist for a dental exam. Dental exams are important for your dental health. They can help you prevent serious problems and serious treatments. Our St. Louis dentist at Dr. James Schmidt & Associates is here to tell you all the reasons you may be overdue for a dental exam.

You’re Overdue for a Dental Exam if You Can’t Remember Your Last One

One of the first signs that you’re overdue for a dental exam is if you simply can’t remember when you had your last one. Usually, this means that it’s been over a year since your last dental exam. Our St. Louis dentist recommends that everyone visits their dentist every 6 months. During this appointment, we examine your teeth to look for any potential problems that might be going on. If we do find problems or early signs of problems, we will give you the necessary treatments to correct them or stop them in their tracks. In addition, we also give you a dental cleaning where we remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Your Teeth Feel Dirty

Another major indicator that you are overdue for a dental exam is if your teeth feel dirty. This can happen if you do not brush your teeth properly. When you do not brush them properly, it’s easy for plaque and tartar to start to buildup. Unfortunately, tartar can only be removed when it’s scraped with a dental instrument. Our dentist removes plaque and tartar during your dental exam so that your teeth can avoid cavities and tooth decay. Make sure you visit our dentist every 6 months for your dental cleaning!

Your Teeth Hurt or Feel Sensitive

If your teeth hurt or feel sensitive, this is not only a sign that you are overdue for a dental exam, but also that you have an underlying problem going on. Sensitive teeth can be caused by teeth whitening or from underlying problems going on. Tooth pain can be from grinding or clenching your teeth, a loose filling, a loose crown, a cavity or even an infection in your tooth. Make sure you visit your dentist as soon as you start to experience anything out of the ordinary happening in your mouth.

Your Gums Bleed When Your Floss or Brush

When you brush or floss your teeth, do you notice any blood in the sink? If so, this can be a sign that you have gum disease. One of the first symptoms of gum disease is bleeding gums from brushing or flossing. Our dentist will give you a root planing and scaling to remove tartar and plaque from under the gum line to help treat early stages of gum disease. Without treatment, it’s possible that your gums become so infected that they cause your teeth to fall out.

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