It is not unusual for someone to hear the phrase “root canal” and go into a bit of a panic. After all, it is a treatment that very few people really understand, and there are many myths swirling around about it. At Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO, we want all our patients to recognize the many benefits of root canal treatments, and see them as a positive opportunity.

Learning about the Root Canals

As your preferred dentist in St. Louis, we would tell you to look at a root canal in the same way you might a regular filling. Why? Well, root canal therapy has the same goal – to arrest the further spread and damage of disease and decay, and save the tooth over the long term. A form of endodontics, the treatment is done by our root canal specialist and is quite straightforward.

Your tooth is numbed, and that means all of those myths about a root canal being painful are utterly and entirely false, there is no pain. Then the interior material of the tooth causing pain due to decay and irritation is removed, and the rest of the tooth treated to stop any further problems. It is called a root canal because it is the material inside one or more of the roots that has to be removed and treated.

The dentist then puts a temporary crown on top of the treated tooth to keep it strong and stable over the long term. Once your new, custom crown arrives from the lab, you return for the permanent crown to be bonded to the tooth. It is a full restoration of the tooth that ends all pain, halts the spread of decay and lets the tooth remain strong and functional for decades to come.

A root canal is quite important in the realm of dentistry and it should never be dreaded. Yes, it is a bit more complex than a standard filling, but not overly so, and it allows you to enjoy the use of that tooth without any further problems or discomfort. This keeps your overall health and quality of life at the highest levels, and is not something to feel worried or upset about.

Contact Our Dentist With Your Root Canal Questions

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