Are you familiar with the area of specialization known as restorative dentistry? Its name is somewhat self-explanatory, and at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO, we offer a full array of restorative dentistry solutions.

As your trusted dentist in St. Louis, our primary goal is to ensure all patients have the healthiest teeth and gums possible. This begins with what is known as preventative dentistry, and includes the exams, cleanings and other treatments needed to identify and halt issues before they cause greater damage or problems. When preventative measures fail, or a patient suffers an injury that severely damages a tooth, it can lead to issues like decay, disease, breakage and even the loss of a tooth. And this is where restorative dentistry steps in to save the situation.

Our restorative dentist will use treatments such as:

As you might guess, each of these treatments will serve two purposes. The first is to restore the individual tooth to its fullest function. This can mean covering a broken or decayed tooth with a crown, replacing missing teeth with a bridge or dentures, or providing the ultimate form of restorative dentistry for lost teeth – dental implants.

The second goal of restorative dentistry is to restore your mouth to its fullest use to allow you to enjoy optimal health. After all, with damaged, diseased or missing teeth, you cannot eat, speak or look like yourself. You might hide your smile or feel self-conscious about your appearance. These affect you daily, but a visit to our restorative dentist can help you to regain the use of your teeth and gums and enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

The most amazing thing about restorative treatments is that each of them looks entirely natural. No one will know if a tooth has a crown, if your smile is composed of dentures or bridges, or if a dental implant is in place.

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