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Porcelain Veneers

You may have great oral hygiene and health, yet you find yourself frequently hiding your smile because of a few issues. A gap between your teeth, a chip or crack or a deeply stained tooth or two may be the cause behind your self-consciousness, and over time you may find yourself smiling less and less freely. Fortunately, James Schmidt, DDS has cosmetic dentistry treatments at our St. Louis dental office, and porcelain veneers are among them.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

When a patient visits our dentist office to discuss their cosmetic dentistry needs, they typically complain about issues such as:

  • Chipped and/or cracked teeth
  • Teeth that are uneven in size and/or length
  • Deeply stained teeth that won’t respond to whitening
  • Teeth that are mildly or moderately gapped or misaligned
  • Teeth that are worn down, irregular or oddly shaped
  • Gummy smiles

And for any of these issues, porcelain veneers may be the perfect solution. To keep it simple, they are thin shells of strong dental porcelain. They are custom designed for your smile, and are strongly bonded to the teeth to create a picture-perfect smile. Our cosmetic dentistry team will work with you to help you select the right solution. We have porcelain veneers and even thinner Lumineers. These are no thicker than a contact lens but can provide the same reliable functions.

Porcelain Veneers or Lumineers?

Which is the right choice for you? That really depends on your specific needs and issues, your budget and your preferences. If you would like to retain as much tooth structure as possible and have a minimally invasive application, Lumineers may be the right answer. If you have several issues to address and want the process completed in just two office visits, porcelain veneers may be the right choice.

Of course, some might wish for “prep-less” treatments, and Lumineers can provide this solution. For the most part, most patients will undergo pre-bonding preparations of the teeth being treated with porcelain veneers or Lumineers. For those with porcelain veneers, the preparations are simple. The cosmetic dentist will buff and shape the teeth that will receive the veneer. They make enough room for the veneer and then take molds of the teeth for a lab to craft a perfect veneer to overlay the tooth. You are sent home with temporary covers of the prepared teeth and when your new veneers arrive, we have you come in for a visit. Your teeth are cleaned and the bonding agents are applied. The veneers are placed on the teeth and in a very short time, they are set and ready for use!

Importance of Aftercare

Regardless of which path you choose, you will need to keep up with your regular oral hygiene. Though veneers cannot be stained and are ultra-resistant to damage, your natural teeth require the same attentive care. Daily flossing and brushing are essential, and regular checkups that explore the conditions of the porcelain veneers or Lumineers can ensure many years of satisfactory function and good looks.

Contact Our Cosmetic Dentist in St. Louis

Now that you know a bit more about porcelain veneers and Lumineers, it is time to talk with a dentist in St. Louis about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 314-968-7979 or by filling out our online contact form.

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  • I cannot express my gratitude for your contribution in changing my life. I have been unable to wear my dentures for many years. This caused serious adjustments in my eating habit, my physical appearance, and my self confidence. People made fun of me making faces when chewing the limited food I ate. I had given up simple things like steak, corn on the cob, salads, nuts and most of all, smiles. This may seem trivial to you, but this Christmas I plan on purchasing many pounds of mixed nuts. Every time I eat them I will give a silent thanks to you for helping make it possible to eat them. It has been about 10 years since I have been able to enjoy such simple things. People tell me I look 10 years younger and have a great smile. Your contribution may have been just another day at work for you. But an uplifting life change for me. Appreciation doesn’t describe how much this means to me. Thank you and may you be blessed as I have been.
    Ernie Copeland
  • Thirty three years ago I had crowns installed on several of my front teeth, for cosmetic reasons. This year I realized it was time for a change , I went to Dr. Schmidt for a consultation this spring, and today I cannot stop smiling. Dr. Schmidt replaced the existing crowns , added 4 existing crowns on top, and eight veneers on the bottom teeth. It took 4 painless procedures to give me the confidence to smile again.
  • I felt that my comfort and concerns were the most important issue at hand! Your entire office made me feel important instead of the other way around. Thank you. I have always feared the dentist and also have an irrational fear of loosing all my teeth like my parents. To all of you, thanks, for making me feel important today. Your professional and comforting office deserves to be commended.
    Robert D.
  • Thank you for all of the work that you performed through the Donated Dental Services Program. Thank you for your continued Donated Dental Work. I greatly appreciate what you have done as well as what you have continued to do.