If you have just started to explore some cosmetic dentistry solutions for your needs, you may have heard of a treatment known as porcelain veneers. Used to address a long list of esthetic issues, they are a very common sort of treatment. At Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO, we are glad to offer veneers as well as an alternative style known as Lumineers. Because this is a lesser known option, we’d like to take some time to discuss it below.

Learn about Lumineers

Veneers and Lumineers can help you with similar issues. As your preferred cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, we will suggest them if you have mild gaps or misalignment as well as deep set discoloration or minor chips and damages to the teeth. The way that treatment like Lumineers is quite simple; a small amount of your surface enamel is carefully removed. This creates a space for the dental veneers to be placed and bonded. When done, they actually work like a mask over the individual teeth, concealing the cosmetic issues and giving you an improved smile.

However, unlike traditional porcelain veneers, when you work with our Lumineers specialist there are some unique methods used. Why? Lumineers are thinner than the average dental veneers, and it is why your cosmetic dentist may describe them with terms like minimal prep, no prep or less invasive. This is all true, and many of our patients opt for Lumineers if their cosmetic concerns are minor or mild and they would rather have most or all of a tooth’s enamel left intact.

To get Lumineers is very similar to obtaining traditional porcelain veneers. It will require two visits. During the first, we will carefully assess the teeth and prepare them for treatment. We take molds and a specialized lab then creates your permanent Lumineers. Once they are returned to our office, you come in to have them placed and bonded to your teeth. You literally leave with a new smile, and it took only those two visits.

Renew Your Smile with Lumineers

Many patients opt for this approach because it is so quick, so painless and because it is a very conservative approach to the treatment. Does this sound like something of interest to you? If so, give us a call at our St. Louis, MO office at 314-968-7979. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.