Have you looked at your smile lately and felt like it wasn’t white enough? If so, you’re not alone. It’s common for your teeth to look yellowed or stained from aging or from eating and drinking certain foods and drinks. Staining and discoloration can also occur from smoking or even taking certain medications. Whatever the reason is for your yellowed or stained teeth, professional teeth whitening might benefit you. Find out more about professional teeth whitening at Dr. James Schmidt and Associates in St. Louis and visit us for your own whitening appointment.

You Have Stained or Yellow Teeth

One of the top reasons professional teeth whitening might be right for you is if you have yellow or stained teeth. As we said before, this is completely normal and can happen from aging or from the foods you eat. When you have a yellow or stained smile, you might feel self-conscious when it comes to smiling with your teeth showing or even when you’re talking. If you find that you cover your mouth or avoid showing your teeth, it might be a good time to consider a tooth whitening treatment so you feel comfortable with your own smile again.

You Want to Enhance Your Smile

Professional teeth whitening is the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment for you if you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to enhance your smile. If your teeth are in good shape and straight, a teeth whitening procedure might be all you need for a beautiful smile. Smiles fade over time so getting a professional teeth whitening treatment every once in a while is a smart way to enhance your smile. After your tooth whitening procedure, you will find that you love your smile again and won’t be able to stop showing it off.

You Are Getting Restorations Put On

Another reason that you should get professional teeth whitening is that you might need to have some restorations put on. You should whiten your teeth before you get the restorations because restorations cannot be whitened. Therefore, if your restorations are the same yellow and stained color your teeth currently are, if you choose to whiten your teeth, the teeth with restorations will still look like this. If you want your teeth to be a glowing white, we recommend whitening your teeth prior to getting your restorations so that they can blend in.

Your Teeth Are Healthy

If you’re interested in a professional teeth whitening treatment, there is one main requirement; your teeth need to be healthy. This means that your teeth are free of gum disease and have a limited amount of problems.

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