Braces and other orthodontics treatments are not always viable or realistic for some adults, and even some teens. The uncomfortable wires and brackets, not to mention their unsightly appearance, are just not something a lot of people are eager to deal with. This is why the team at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO, encourages all of our patients to consider Invisalign treatment.

As your preferred dentist in St. Louis, you may come to us for general and restorative dentistry, but we also provide a great many cosmetic dentistry solutions, with Invisalign one of the most advanced. Though it is often called clear braces, it is nothing like braces at all. Instead, it is a system that uses clear aligners (trays that fit snugly and invisibly over your teeth) which slowly push your smile into a healthier and more esthetically appealing alignment.

Getting Started

If the idea of a picture-perfect smile appeals, the first step is to consult with our Invisalign specialist. They will do a smile assessment that lets you know if you are a candidate for the Invisalign treatment. Most of our patients do qualify, and they can then use the aligner trays to fix their overcrowded, gapped, crooked or misaligned smiles. Even some advanced issues such as bite problems (think over or under bites) can be corrected with the trays.

You will need to wear them 22 hours a day, removing them for eating and oral hygiene. You will switch to the next tray in your customized series roughly every two weeks and will make periodic visits to our office to ensure your teeth are shifting as anticipated. Most patients see changes in the first six months, but some may need to use a longer period of correction.

We can use Invisalign to deal with many of the same issues that classic braces address, but with the advantages of invisibility, immense comfort, and the ability to eat, speak and do oral hygiene like normal. The cost differences between Invisalign and alternative methods are small, and so it is a realistic option to consider.

Interested in Correcting Your Smile with Invisalign?

Are you eager to learn more? If so, feel free to give us a call at our St. Louis, MO office at 314-968-7979. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.