Summer is nearly here and most people have vacations on their mind. If you are planning on traveling this summer or perhaps in the future, it’s important to know how to prepare for a dental emergency when you travel. Our dentists at Dr. James Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis have compiled some tips to help you in your future travels.

Choose an Emergency Dentist in Your Travel Destination

The first way to prepare for a dental emergency when you travel is to plan ahead. If you already know where you’re going, you should take some time to find an emergency dentist in the area. Find one who has a 24-hour phone number you can call in the event that you run into trouble. Be sure to write down their name, address and phone number to keep with you in case you need it. In the event that you do encounter a dental emergency, you will already have their contact details ready. This can be handy in the event that you knock out a tooth which requires immediate attention.

Visit the Dentist Before Traveling

If you have any pain in your mouth prior to your trip, it’s important to get your dental visit out of the way before you travel. During your appointment, our dentist will give you the necessary treatment so that you don’t experience any pain while you’re traveling. If you are not in pain but are overdue for a dental exam, now is a much better time than after your trip because our dentist will be able to catch any potential problems before your trip.

Know What to Do

If you happen to knock out a tooth, it’s important to stay calm. Next, you should pick up your tooth by the top of it, not the root, and place it in a cup of milk or saliva and see a dentist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely the dentist will be able to reattach your tooth. If you happen to break, crack or chip your tooth, you should also visit a dentist immediately.

For minor toothaches, you should take over the counter pain relievers until you return to your home to see your regular dentist in St. Louis. If the pain becomes unmanageable, of course, we recommend that you see a dentist while traveling.

Use Your Head

Make sure you are making an effort to avoid dental emergencies by wearing your night guard at night, mouth guard when playing contact sports, and not chewing on any hard things or using your teeth as a tool.

Schedule a Dental Exam in St. Louis

If you’re heading out for a trip somewhere this summer, make sure to pay us a visit if you’re due for a dental exam or are experiencing any problems. Use our online form or give us a call today!