When you hear the phrase general dentistry, what is it that you envision? Most of our patients at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO understand that it provides them with dental exams, dental cleanings and dental x-rays so important to optimal oral health.

However, as your preferred dentist in St. Louis, we want to be sure that you understand that general dentistry is also known as preventative dentistry, and is your frontline defense against serious dental issues. One or two regular exams and cleanings each year gives you a dazzling smile, but it can also provide so much more.

Understanding the Importance of General Dentistry

If you are eager to understand why so much significance is placed on general dentistry, it is helpful to look what each component of it offers you. Take dental exams; they allow our team to uncover any signs of tooth decay, gum disease and even screen for issues like oral cancer. If there are some signs of trouble with the teeth or gums, dental x-rays then allow further exploration and remediation.

Dental cleanings are also ideal for detecting and halting problems with the teeth or gums. Buildup of plaque that could lead to gingivitis is something our general dentist can address, and then discuss better flossing and brushing methods or tools to ensure improvement between general dentistry.

However, general dentistry does more than just these key things, it also eliminates many risks. Catching any issues early ensures you rarely ever experience dental pain or emergencies related to easily remedied issues. Catching things early also keeps your overall costs low. A simple filling is far less costly than a root canal, crown or other work that may result from skipping on general dentistry visits.

Our team is also going to look at more complex issues during a regular exam, such as the state of your bite and any changes detected in your teeth or gums. For instance, your teeth can shift over time and cause problems with the way your bite aligns. This can lead to damage to the teeth, jaw pain and the development of issues like bruxism or TMJ. Remaining on track with general dentist visits is one way to ensure that no extensive problems develop.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam

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