If you are missing all your teeth, or even just many your teeth, you might be worried about the health of your mouth. In addition, you are probably not very confident about your smile. You might be trying to figure out what you can do to make smiling, eating, and just getting on with your life easier. Restorative dentistry could be the right choice. Look at the following dentures FAQs to see if dentures might be the right choice for you. Then, you can speak with our dentists in St. Louis about your needs.

Dentures FAQ #1 – How Will the Dentures Help?

If you have trouble eating because you are missing teeth, the dentures will help to give you the ability to chew again. They can also help to make you feel better about yourself when you smile.

Dentures FAQ #2 – Do I Need to Lose All My Teeth First?

One of the common concerns of people who are considering dentures is that they need to lose all their teeth before they can get them. That’s not the case. While there are full denture sets available from the restorative dentist, that is not necessarily what will be right for you. There are also partial dentures available, and the dentist can have a set created that will work for your specific needs.

Dentures FAQ #3 – When Should I Visit the Dentist?

Just because you are getting dentures does not mean you can forego visiting your St. Louis dentist. You still need to visit your dentist at least once per year. They will check the health of your mouth and make sure your dentures are fitting properly.

Dentures FAQ #4 – What If the Denture Causes the Gums to Be Sore?

It is common to have an adjustment period when you first get your dentures. However, if you find that it continues to cause pain and your gums to be sore, you will want to make sure that you speak with your restorative dentist.

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