There are many reasons that we might lose our adult teeth, and even if it is limited to a single tooth, its loss can cause many changes to our mouths. Therefore, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO is so glad to offer dental implants.

As your preferred dentist in St. Louis, we can provide you with an extensive list of restorative dentistry solutions, and though many of them focus on restoring teeth damaged by disease or decay, we also offer implant dentistry as the ultimate path to restoration. This is because dental implants restore the roots and the crown, which means optimal long term health and function.

Risks from Tooth Loss Explained

To understand how dental implants can be so beneficial, it helps to understand what occurs when you lose a tooth. Because our teeth sit on the jaw and are surrounded by gum, when we lose them, it allows the surrounding teeth to move. Even slight changes in their positions can alter our “bite” and this can trigger issues like bruxism, TMJ, and damage from teeth coming together and chipping, cracking or breaking.

In addition to that, when we lose teeth, the jaw and gum tissue tighten and recede, and continue to do so over time. This is one reason that dentures may need to be replaced. Yet, with dental implants, these issues are instantly remedied.

Implants Explained

Dental implants are made of a post inserted into the jaw and gum, an abutment at the top of the post and a dental crown. The post is carefully placed by our dental implants specialist and you will get a temporary crown. A process known as osseointegration then occurs, where the bone and implant fuse together. This ensures that the restoration works just like a regular tooth. When done, a permanent crown is fitted and you can use that tooth as if it had never been lost in the first place.

Restore Your Smile with Implant Dentistry in St. Louis

Whether you are eager to get one tooth restored to eat, speak and smile like you have always done, or you want to talk with our restorative dentist about several implants, we are happy to help. Just give us a call at our St. Louis, MO office at 314-968-7979. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.