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Dental Crowns

If there is a single restorative dentistry treatment we might take for granted, it is probably dental crowns. We think of them as woman with perfect cerec dental crownspart of a root canal or as an option for someone with a severely damaged tooth. We also know they can be necessary when we have dental decay that has compromised a tooth, but the one important thing to remember is that they allow any adult to retain the natural tooth – and this is a huge part of long-term oral health and well-being. It is why patients of James Schmidt, DDS in St. Louis, MO can enjoy such restorative treatment, and even CEREC crown technologies.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Though we think of a crown as a band that fits around something, like the crown a king or queen wears, dental crowns are different. They don’t just wrap the entire perimeter of a tooth, they also cover it, taking all the forces that come from biting, chewing, talking and everyday living. Crowns also ensure that the tooth be used in the same manner as a natural tooth. The crown is more of a cap or shield that covers the tooth once it has been treated as needed.

Crowns are used for:
  • Teeth with extensive amounts of decay and which cannot have traditional fillings
  • Teeth that are going to be used as support for dental bridges
  • Teeth treated with root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Damaged, fractured or seriously chipped/cracked teeth
  • Deeply stained teeth

This means that dental crowns end pain, restore a tooth to full function, allow that natural tooth to remain rather than succumbing to decay or damage, and to look just like a natural tooth. They ensure your natural bite remains in place, preventing any teeth from shifting and leading to a long list of possible problems ranging from chipping and breaking to jaw pain.

Getting Dental Crowns

Getting a dental crown typically takes two visits to a dentist office because most must first prepare the tooth and then make a detailed mold to send to a lab. The patient is fitted with a temporary crown and then returns to have the permanent crown bonded into place when it is back from the lab. Fortunately, our dental office has made it possible to streamline the process.

We use CEREC technology, which is also called same-day crown technology. This pairs up a special milling machine along with pinpoint accurate CAD or computer assisted design equipment to produce a flawless and customized crown. Typically, a visit to another restorative dentist, and one not using CEREC, relies on molds and a lab to create a well-fitting replacement for the original crown.

With CEREC, our dentist office team can create dental crowns, along with inlays or onlays that are mapped out with impressive accuracy. This eliminates the frustration of a poorly fitting crown that requires you to make further trips and use a temporary for a longer period. It guarantees a good bite alignment and all while you wait.

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