We hear the word “crown” and think of a band of metal around the head of a member of a royal family. However, dental crowns are more than bands of metal. They are, in fact, protective caps that shield a tooth and keep it safe from any further decay, damage or discomfort. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. James L. Schmidt & Associates in St. Louis, MO can provide patients with dental crowns and encourage anyone in need of restorative dentistry to get in touch.

Dental Crowns Explained

For many reasons, our teeth can be damaged and require long term protection. Just consider that, as your trusted dentist in St. Louis, we will recommend dental crowns for issues that include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Large amounts of decay that compromise the tooth
  • Broken or damaged teeth
  • Replacing failing amalgam (metal) fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Deeply stained or cosmetically flawed teeth

What that list says about dental crowns is that they are both restorative and cosmetic. Our dental crowns specialist will ensure that your crowns look exactly like your natural teeth, even carefully matching their color to the neighboring teeth. Any dental crown is also going to be custom made to your needs. Its size, shape, and fit will work with your existing bite, and offer long term protection.

Understanding Dental Crowns

As we said earlier, crowns are made to cover what remains of a natural tooth. This means that they prevent any future damage, but they also allow you to keep the natural tooth, to use it as you have always done, and to be free of any further pain or discomfort.

To make a crown, our restorative dentist will treat the tooth as needed. This could be to address decay, make any repairs or even replace it with an implant. When that part of treatment is done, special measurements and molds are made and a temporary crown is formed. A specialized lab makes the durable porcelain crowns, and when it is returned to our office, you come in and have it fitted and bonded in place. Within hours, you can use it just like a natural tooth!

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