Dentists generally prefer dental implants when it comes to missing teeth. However, they are not always practical for everyone. If implants are not in your budget or you have health issues that might preclude having them installed, a dental bridge can be the next best thing. These dental bridges FAQs will help you to make the decision that is right for you.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge gets its name because it works to “bridge” the gap between missing teeth. Dental crowns are used to replace the missing teeth, and the system of crowns (in other words, the dental bridge) is anchored to the teeth on either side of the gap.

Why Should I Worry About Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth always have to be replaced. If they are not, then the teeth that remain will begin to crowd into the gap, and this can lead to a bad bite as well as difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene. Dental bridges not only restore your bite, they help to forestall decay in the adjacent teeth.

Can Anyone Benefit from Dental Bridges?

Yes, generally speaking. Complications from dental bridges are very rare, and you will find that a dental bridge will feel and work very much like your own teeth. As long as the teeth that will work to support your dental bridge are healthy, you can expect to get many years of service from your dental bridge.

Are There Alternatives to Dental Bridges?

As previously mentioned, dentists generally recommend implants as the “gold standard” when it comes to replacing teeth that are badly damaged, or filling gaps caused by missing teeth. So, that is one alternative to a dental bridge. The other alternative would be dentures. If you have very few teeth left, and do not want dental implants, then you could consider dentures.

How Do I Care for My Dental Bridge?

Caring for your dental bridge is as easy as caring for your natural teeth: brush and floss, and have regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. Because dental bridges are permanently fixed in your mouth, you will not have to take your bridge out for cleaning the way you would with dentures.

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